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I am currently trying to learn about git and have committed 2 changes to a project so far:

oshiro@debian:/var/www$ git log

commit 4fd249jf039jf49rj905482h794g805h4g53943h
Author: oshiro <>
Date:   Wed Mar 12 15:07:00 2014 +0000

    removed junk from initial version

commit 39fru438439fj3498521490u53945u854u3084ut        
Author: oshiro <>
Date:   Wed Mar 12 14:53:40 2014 +0000

    initial messy project version


Is it possible for me to switch between the initial messy project version and removed junk from initial version?

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git checkout 39fru438439fj3498521490u53945u854u3084ut or any commit. –  Don Branson Mar 12 '14 at 15:19

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If you want to create a branch without the commit "removed junk from initial version", you can do

git checkout 39fru438439fj3498521490u53945u854u3084ut

And if you want to create a named branch out of this commit, you can do

git checkout -b new_branch 39fru438439fj3498521490u53945u854u3084ut
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Just checkout whichever commit you want.

git checkout 'commit'
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