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I have time series in a Pandas dateframe with a number of columns which I'd like to plot. Is there a way to set the x-axis to always use the index from a dateframe? When I use the .plot() method from Pandas the x-axis is formatted correctly however I when I pass my dates and the column(s) I'd like to plot directly to matplotlib the graph doesn't plot correctly. Thanks in advance.

plt.plot(site2.index.values, site2['Cl'])


FYI: site2.index.values produces this (I've cut out the middle part for brevity):

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You can use plt.xticks to set the x-axis


plt.xticks( site2['Cl'], site2.index.values ) # location, labels
plt.plot( site2['Cl'] )

see the documentation for more details: http://matplotlib.org/api/pyplot_api.html#matplotlib.pyplot.xticks

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Thanks for your response. Is there some way to use matplotlib to select a 'sensible' scale? For instance with the Pandas .plot method it will select days, months or years for the x-axis as appropriate. If I understand the documentation correctly it seems that for every data point of site2['Cl'] there'll be an xtick which will be far too many for my data set. Also I think that something might be wrong with my date because my new graph looks like this –  Bprodz Mar 12 '14 at 16:34
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It seems the issue was that I had .values. Without it (i.e. site2.index) the graph displays correctly.

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