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I have an NSTextField which is by default non editable and is first responder.
I would like to make the NSTextField editable/active as soon as I click on it.
I subclassed it and used the mousedown event:

- (void)mouseDown:(NSEvent *)theEvent
    NSLog(@"link mouse down");

    [self setEditable:TRUE];

However I need to click 2 times on the NSTextFIeld to become active and editable, but for each click I can properly see the NSLog "Mouse down".
Anything I forgot to do ? Thanks

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That's totally normal behavior afaik. It works just the same way as in Finder when you click on a filename to edit it. –  l'L'l Mar 12 at 21:31
Thanks. And if I wanted to achieve what I want, what would be the way around ? –  Laurent Crivello Mar 13 at 6:11
Sure it's a double-click and not the common click-delay (again, as in Finder) that'll activate the text field..? –  Jay Mar 15 at 11:42

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In your NSTextField subclass, try overriding -acceptsFirstMouse: and returning YES. Get rid of your -mouseDown: override, though.

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