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I hope if anyone could suggest a javascript library or plugin that could show full screen image in a layer after user click the thumb image.

There is only one Webview, javascript is enabled, and no back and forward function needed. The full image should be disappear after touch.

Some other requirements are:

  1. The full size image is not enlarged from the thumbnail, so needed to load their url.
  2. The images should be able to swipe to next and back.
  3. The image should fits to full screen in any android device.
  4. No code change should be done in android side. It should just be a webview, enabled javascript and load url.

I ask this question since I find the webview is behave somehow different on this part. I tested many mobile website, such like ebay, amazon, etc, which most of them have the thumbnail to full size image functions. However not everyone is working when they are opened in a WebView.

Thank you!

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