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This may be a newbie fault, but I am greatful for any tips on what exactly I do wrong.

The code:

int main()
  int i =0;
  char ** nameslist;
  nameslist = malloc(5 * sizeof(char*));

  for (i=0; i <5; i++)


  for (i=0; i <5; i++)

  return 0;

Using Valgrind, I still see that I have memory leaks in heap - how do I fix this issue? I suspect that I malloc too much space - but still, how do I go about freeing space I don't necesarrily use?

Thankful for any hints!

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The problem is that when you write this:


You're not actually using the memory you have allocated. "John" is itself a pointer and you're overwriting the adress returned by malloc with this new pointer.

Use the strncpy() function to copy the string into the memory you allocated.

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+1 Calling free on the constants is probably not a great idea either, which this fixes too. – Joachim Isaksson Mar 12 '14 at 17:08

Your malloc and free stuff is fine, but you are orphaning the original string when you try to do assignment like this:


Instead you should use strcpy:

strcpy(nameslist[0], "John");
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