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Hi I had a program which worked fine in a .jar file.

Basically all the classes were part of the same package called : "eu.floraresearch.lablib.gui.checkboxtree" They ALL are located in the SAME "checkboxTree" folder. Each file has a line stating package eu.floraresearch.lablib.gui.checkboxtree;

I need to modify the code and to integrate it in another project. So I took all the .java files, copied them in my Eclipse project folder (no package anymore), and got rid of the "package eu.floraresearch.lablib.gui.checkboxtree;" line in each files. Everything is fine except for one file comprising an enumeration. Originally the file looked like this:

package eu.floraresearch.lablib.gui.checkboxtree;

public class QuadristateButtonModel extends DefaultButtonModel {

    public enum State {

The problem is, there is another class which originally imported the above class enumeration:

import eu.floraresearch.lablib.gui.checkboxtree.QuadristateButtonModel.State;

public class QuadristateCheckbox extends JCheckBox {

    public QuadristateCheckbox() {

    public QuadristateCheckbox(String text) {
    this(text, State.UNCHECKED);

First of all I find it weird how enumerations can be imported.. But it worked fine when everything was inside the package.

Since all my .java files are in the same folder now, I just removed the package line. However I have this issue with the QuadristateCheckbox class which imports "QuadristateButtonModel.State".

If I change the import line with

import QuadristateButtonModel.State;

it states

The import QuadristateButtonModel cannot be resolved

I tried various things I found on the internet like

import static QuadristateButtonModel.State.*;


import QuadristateButtonModel.State.*;

but the same error messages occur:

The import QuadristateButtonModel cannot be resolved

On top of that, in the above code from QuadristateCheckbox class:

public QuadristateCheckbox(String text) {
    this(text, State.UNCHECKED);

an error message

State cannot be resolved to a variable

which is understandable given the fact that I fail to import the State enumeration.

What can I do? Please explain to me what is wrong

PS: The code was taken from this site: http://www.javaworld.com/article/2077762/core-java/swing-based-tree-layouts-with-checkboxtree.html

The authors provide classes to build checkable trees.

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You can't import things from the default package (things that aren't in a package). –  Kevin Workman Mar 12 at 17:10
You should NEVER put classes in the default package. Precisely to avoid the problems you're having. –  JB Nizet Mar 12 at 17:10
Thank you very much both of you. I just moved every files into a package, it works like a charm! –  user3298319 Mar 13 at 11:12

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