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In a project I use a datagridview to configure database purge entries. It contains lots of combobox columns so that the user can pick from tables in the database and fields within the selected table to use as the purge field criteria. I have to use multiple bindingsources to support this behavior and that has caused me an issue when swapping between datasources on a comboboxcell.

At project startup the current values of the database table are shown in a comboboxcolumn. When the user enters edit mode on the "field name" column I handle the editedcontrolshowing and assign a different bindingsource to the cell. The new bindingsource contains the actual fieldnames in the table.

When I change the cell's datasource to the new bindinglist the selected value is lost. Even if I remove the selectionchanged handler the value is still lost. To work around this problem I store the old value and then want to set it back after the datasource changes. To protect myself I do a check on whether the bindingsource list contains the old value. No matter what I try the contains call always comes back that it isn't in there. I know the value exists because I see it in the debug visualizer.

Here's the code:

'logic: build a bindingsource of fieldnames for just this table. 

Dim currentvalue As String = fieldscombobox.SelectedValue
RemoveHandler dgvPurgeConfig.SelectionChanged, AddressOf dgvPurgeConfig_SelectionChanged
fieldscombobox.DataSource = bindingsourcecolumnnamescomboboxTemp 'bindingsource list of actual fields in table. Populated by GetFieldsForThisTable

If Not bindingsourcecolumnnamescomboboxTemp.List.Contains(currentvalue.Trim) Then
    MessageBox.Show("old configured field value was not actually found in table. You must pick a new one.")
    fieldscombobox.SelectedValue = currentvalue.Trim
End If
AddHandler dgvPurgeConfig.SelectionChanged, AddressOf dgvPurgeConfig_SelectionChanged

What am I doing incorrectly here? I wanted to use bindingsource.list.contains instead of bindingsource.find and looking for a -1 return because it creates code that's easier to read.

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