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I recently came across DalekJS and decided to try it out.I was able to quickly get through the initial setup and started with the instructions mentioned in the Firefox plug-in documentation.

Now here is where things stop working. I always keep getting an error that says "WebDriverServer cannot be launched since the port is in use".

This happens irrespective of whatever port number i provide in the Dalekfile.

Can someone please help me with this?

My system configuration: Windows server 2008 x64 with the latest version of NodeJS and the most recent dalekJS package installed (0.13). My FF version is 27.

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I just fixed an issue with the docs of the Firefox plugin, this might raise your error.

Before (wrong):

 "browsers": {
   "firefox": {
     "binary": "/Applications/Custom Located Firefox.app/MacOS/Contents/firefox-bin" 

After (correct):

 "browsers": [{
   "firefox": {
     "binary": "/Applications/Custom Located Firefox.app/MacOS/Contents/firefox-bin" 

Maybe thats all it takes to fix the issue. If not, please open up an issue here: https://github.com/dalekjs/dalek-browser-firefox/issues?state=open

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