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I have got example simple Django + Mongoengine app from here This is simple blog app that store posts in Mongodb. Now i want admin interface, for this i found django-mongonaut

I passed all install instructions, but still when trying to access localhost:8000/mongonaut/ i see You do not have permissions to access this content. What is the worst - there is no any login form.

This is my

# myapp/

# Import the MongoAdmin base class
from mongonaut.sites import MongoAdmin

# Import your custom models
from blog.models import Post, Tag

# Instantiate the MongoAdmin class
# Then attach the mongoadmin to your model
Post.mongoadmin = MongoAdmin()
Tag.mongoadmin = MongoAdmin()

I am new to django, this is my last chance to work with Django + Mongodb, i took several days going through multiple tutorials i found in net - tried django-nonrel with mongodb-engine, and other options.

I am really frustrated, because i cannot find full working tutorials, some of them works, but with unexpected errors. Also i tried Quokka it is alpha and some pages don't work too...

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This is on a mongodb that has auth on? Are you sure the correct credentials got to the mongodb instance if needed? – Samantha Atkins May 29 '14 at 0:48
@SamanthaAtkins answered below – Vic Nicethemer Jun 4 '14 at 15:55

The answer is: i need to login to Django using standard admin interface and sqlite3.db, and after that session engine starts recognize mongonaut admin (this is bad workflow i think). Also i am using

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