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I have a set of subnets with labeled descriptions in a csv file. I need to assign these descriptions to the Data Probe ranges that these subnets belong to in another csv file.

Given a subnet with an ipaddress and netmask,
I want to check if the subnet is in the range

I have considered creating a range from the subnet's ip and net mask and comparing it to the Data Probe ranges. I haven't been able to find out if this would yield the correct answer.

I cannot use the latest version of Python (this has to work with an application running python 2.7), so the ipaddress module is not an option for me.

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The socket module provides inet_aton, which will convert your addresses to bitstrings. You can then convert them to integers using struct.unpack, mask using &, and use integer comparison:

from socket import inet_aton
from struct import unpack

def atol(a):
    return unpack(">L", inet_aton(a))[0]

addr = atol("")
mask = atol("")
lo = atol("")
hi = atol("")
prefix = addr & mask

print lo <= prefix <= hi 
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Thanks. I used this to make comparisons I needed. I just wanted to let other people know this is not the full solution to checking the subnet to the range. – mind_craft Mar 26 '14 at 15:04

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