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I want to generate a plot of interest over time using GTrendsR and ggplot2

The plot I want (generated with google trends) is this:

enter image description here

Any help will be much appreciated.


This is the best I was able to get:

usr = ""
psw = "my.password"
ch = gConnect(usr, psw)

location = "all"
query = "MOOCs"
MOOCs_trends = gTrends(ch, geo = location, query = query)
MOOCs$Week <- as.character(MOOCs$Week)
MOOCs$start <- as.Date(MOOCs$Week)

ggplot(MOOCs[MOOCs$moocs!=0,], aes(start, moocs)) + 
  geom_line(colour = "blue") + 
  ylab("Trends") + xlab("") + theme_bw()

enter image description here

I think that to match the graph generated by google I would need to aggregate the data to months instead of weeks... not sure how to do that yet

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This will get you most of the way there. The plot doesn't look quite right, but that's more of a function of the data being a bit different. Here's the necessary conversions to numeric and to dates.


## Convert to string
MOOCs$Week <- as.character(MOOCs$Week)
MOOCs$moocs <- as.numeric(MOOCs$moocs)
# split the string
MOOCs$start <- unlist(llply(strsplit(MOOCs$Week," - "), function(x) return(x[2])))
MOOCs$start <- as.POSIXlt(MOOCs$start)

Google might do some smoothing, but this will plot the data you have.

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