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As a teacher I generate large sheets of data of test scores.I often use an indirect function to extract a row of data into a report format on another sheet to print for individual students on oarents' evening. The row number here is chosen using a combo box drop down list sourced on the first column in the data sheet (the students name).

I am trying to find a way of doing this process in reverse so that when I chose a students name using the combo box, which generates a row number ( which appears in cell a1), I can fill in information about them and then use a macro to paste the information into the correct row on the data sheet.

I have recorded a simple copy and paste macro and am able to edit it to choose a different paste location, but don't know the vba to get it to choose the correct row from the cell containing the combo box generated row number.

Sorry I'm an absolute amateur at this.

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Take a look at the Range.Find method. –  thunderblaster Mar 12 at 21:30
Could you please share the code you're working with, I'd be happy to make it work the way you want :) –  BernardSaucier Mar 12 at 22:09
Please post the code. –  tmoore82 Mar 12 at 22:14

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