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Suppose I have a third-party class:

public class ThirdParty {
    public ThirdParty(String arg1, String arg2);

Since this is third-party, I cannot add my own @Inject annotation, forcing me to use bind-to-constructor. The question is how I can create a ThirdParty with arg1 and arg2 different. In essence, add "Named" annotations from the outside, so to speak.

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How about something like:

class ProvidesExample {

  static class ThirdParty {
    public ThirdParty(String arg1, String arg2) {}

  static class Module extends AbstractModule {

    protected void configure() {
      bindConstant().annotatedWith(Names.named("arg1")).to("Argument 1");
      bindConstant().annotatedWith(Names.named("arg2")).to("Argument 2");

    ThirdParty getThirdParth(@Named("arg1") String arg1, @Named("arg2") String arg2) {
      return new ThirdParty(arg1, arg2);

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I would use bindConstant() instead of bind(String.class) instead of bind(String.class) – NamshubWriter Mar 14 '14 at 6:56

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