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I need to set the height of a div in another div's onresize event. I've learned that I have to do it two different ways to ensure correct results in all browsers:

   document.getElementById('top').height = topHeight;
   document.getElementById('top').setAttribute('style', 'height:'+topHeight+'px');

According to the w3schools descrpition of setAttribute, "The setAttribute() method adds the specified attribute, and gives it the specified value. If the specified attribute allready exists, only the value is set/changed."

But it's not so, at least not in Chrome, where I'm testing. When I execute the code above, some or all other attributes (most visibly background color) are set to their default values.

So my code has to set a long list of attributes -- not just the one I want to change.

I'm looking for a way to avoid doing that: either a way to make setAttribute set or change an individual attribute, as it's supposed to, or a way to get all of an element's attributes in an array or object, change one, and set them again.

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