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I'm searching for xmlrpc libraries that can be embedded in a C++ application. XmlRpc++ on SourceForge is a very neat solution but doesn't provide HTTPS support.

Other RPC-like solutions such as gSOAP are not free for commercial use (or do I get that wrong, they mention a MPL-like license, too).

What about Apache's Axis/C++, can it be embedded somehow (I only found an unanswered mailing list entry)?

I'm thankful for any resources / library suggestions that

  • can be embedded using C/C++
  • support HTTPS (or SSL/TLS in general)
  • may be used for commercial purposes
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There's XMLRPC-EPI which to me seems to have a good license. Although it provides an server interface it isn't a HTTP/HTTPS server in itself. For that you need something else. But to me this seems like a good thing, as it keeps XMLRPC-EPI to its core function.

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Thanks for that suggestion, but I'm really searching for a solution with built-in HTTP(S) transport as that is supported by most client libraries. – AndiDog Feb 10 '10 at 16:57

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