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First of all, everything runs fine, but I simply cannot edit child forms in the Visual Studio's GUI designer (VS2012.4).

The base class looks like this:

public class BaseForm : Form
    protected Button buttonOk;
    protected Button buttonCancel;
    // Plus some methods that use these buttons

I originally created the child classes in the designer, and then refactored out the buttons (removing the declarations from the child classes). So now the children classes inherit from BaseForm.

But now when I double-click on those classes, I get these errors:

The variable 'buttonCancel' is either undeclared or was never assigned. 
The variable 'buttonOk' is either undeclared or was never assigned. 

If I "Ignore and Continue" the buttons don't show up in the designer, and if I make any changes using the designer, the initialization code for the Ok and Cancel buttons get erased from the *.designer.cs file.

If I add (that is, restore) the button declarations in the child classes, they "hide" the variable in the base class, which is not what I want.

All of the classes are in the same project/namespace (although I've tried pulling out the base class into a different project and compiling it as a separate class lib; same result).

I guess for completeness, the child forms look something like this:

public partial class ChildForm : BaseForm    
    public ChildForm()

And then the *.designer.cs file has private void InitializeComponent() which does this.buttonOk = new System.Windows.Forms.Button(); and then goes on to set all of its properties.

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