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We have a Matlab program that takes images from a camera in YCbCr format and then saves like an RGB image with the R values being the Y values of the image, the G values being the Cb values of the image, and the B values being the Cr values of the image. Is there a way to replicate this process in C++ openCV?

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You mean en.wikipedia.org/wiki/YCbCr, right? –  misha Mar 13 at 1:41
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Provided OpenCV can read the image from the camera, yes, you can replicate this process in OpenCV. All you have to do is make sure each channel is within the acceptable range (0..255 for 8 bit) and save the image to the file.

Regarding ranges of the values, Cb and Cr can be negative, but G and B may not. You can get around that by either shifting - adding 128 to Cb and Cr when saving (and do the opposite when loading) - or by being clever about which channels are signed and unsigned.

Regarding saving, the image saving code assumes the image is RGB, and encodes the R, G, B components as-is. If your image is YCbCr, then Y would be encoded as R, Cb as G and Cr as B. The image would look wrong opened in other programs, but that's expected.

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