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I'm using a JQuery plugin VjWidgets that target widgets inside a #Container to auto initialize all of them right after $().ready, with options and functions/callBacks/events like - OnSaveData, OnSaveSettings.


  Title: 'article',       

  OnSaveData: function () {}, // each widget needs a custom event/function call back, how do I set this up?  



  1. How can I configure/invoke/*setup the custom callback functions for each individual widget*. To clarify, each widget has its own custom onSaveData() AJAX $ Post Function, for e.g. a Map widget has onSaveLatLong(), a chart widget has onSaveGraphData ()
  2. What would my invoking call for the init widget pattern signature look like, a sample would help
  3. On the plug -in side, what is a better way to code the Plug-in. How can I code it for a dynamic function setup. If I wanted to configure the widgets - on an per instance basis, on a per widget type basis
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