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I'm trying to install pymc on OSX Mountain lion.

I have installed gfortran (from and cloned pymc.

I tried what has previously been working: ' config --fcompiler=gfortran build', but this gives an error:

usage: [global_opts] cmd1 [cmd1_opts] [cmd2 [cmd2_opts] ...]

or: --help [cmd1 cmd2 ...]

or: --help-commands

or: cmd --help

error: option --fcompiler not recognized

If I just do: 'sudo python install' then I get this




clang: warning: argument unused during compilation: '-mno-fused-madd'

In file included from src/ft2font.cpp:3:

In file included from src/ft2font.h:16:

/usr/X11/include/ft2build.h:56:10: fatal error: 'freetype/config/ftheader.h' file not found

include ^ 1 error generated. error: Setup script exited with error: command 'clang' failed with exit status 1

Any ideas what's going on?



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Which version of PyMC are you trying to install, the current development version on GitHub master (PyMC 3) or the release version (PyMC 2.3)?

If you are trying to install PyMC 3, you do not need a Fortran compiler. You do need Theano, however. Can you try the following?

pip install --no-deps git+git://
pip install --no-deps git+git://
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I was trying to install PyMC 3 (but didn't realise). I've been able to install PyMC 2.3 using "python config --fcompiler=gfortran build" and "python install". I was hoping though to install a previous commit of PyMC (f733d06bd9aabc4a713daa9c036098841819f673), and for this, I still get the "error: option --fcompiler not recognized". – user3413343 Mar 14 '14 at 4:41
sorry, "python config --fcompiler=gfortran build" for old commit gives: Error: Return type mismatch of function 'psi' at (1) (REAL(4)/REAL(8)) error: Command "/usr/local/bin/gfortran -Wall -ffixed-form -fno-second-underscore -arch x86_64 -fPIC -O3 -funroll-loops -DNO_ATLAS_INFO=3 -Ibuild/src.macosx-10.8-intel-2.7 -I/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/Extras/lib/python/num‌​py/core/include -I/System/Library/Frameworks/Python.framework/Versions/2.7/include/python2.7 -c -c pymc/flib.f -o build/temp.macosx-10.8-intel-2.7/pymc/flib.o" failed with exit status 1 – user3413343 Mar 14 '14 at 6:35
I've modified my answer above to help you get PyMC 3 installed. If you want PyMC 2.3, I recommend getting it from PyPI. – Chris Fonnesbeck Mar 17 '14 at 12:02

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