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I've had this problem I can't figure out and I'm running out of ideas. I keep thinking this is some kind of routing issue.

All my machines are internal with ip's 192.168.2.X From HyperV I've spined up a CentOS server for a web dev box. I have php scripts to connect to an win2K IIS6 smtp server that will not connect on my CentOS box hosting my web application. They did work when I wrote them on a windows box using XAMPP to that smtp server no problems. I can telnet with any other windows box internally even externally to IIS smtp no problem.

I have even tried another CentOS desktop with a different VMware and I still cannot connect to the IIS smtp.

This is what happens.

telnet> open 25 Trying Connected to Escape character is '^]'. /there is a pause until time out here*/

Connection closed by foreign host.

I'm gonna dump this and use postfix but it bothers me I couldn't fix it so I figured I'd share with the world in case it turns out to be a simple config in CentOS. If I setup NAT with VMware my centos gets a different range internal ip and it can then connect. It will not connect on the same internal ip range.

isn't firewalls, router block or anything that I can see and any other windows box telnet's fine... even my mac through terminal telnet's fine getting the normal helo. changed the hostname for centos in case it doesn't like localost.localdomain...still nothing.

I hope I explained this properly. thanks.

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