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I need to use my phone as emulator/target/virtual device when I run my application. I have installed HTC Sync and the USB driver is in order. I have enabled the USB Debugging in Settings.

What more do I need to do to make Eclipse AVD Manager to detect my phone? I made it work on anohher coumputer, following the exact same steps I have done now. "Suddenly" it just detected the phone. This makes no sense! argh

Help please?

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When I did it I never actually installed HTC Sync.I used the AVD Manager to install the USB Driver and followed these instructions

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What about Mac users ? :-( –  Adil Malik Oct 12 '13 at 19:46

Finally - it works! In Run Configurations -> Target -> Select "Manual" instead of "Automatic", then you have to choose device or emualtor when you run the application. And then I could choose my phone instead of the emulators.

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'Automatic' on my system always gives preferences to my real device over the virtual device. However, nice to hear that it works for you. –  Maurits Rijk Feb 10 '10 at 14:02
I second Sara - I could never get the device to pop up, and it wasn't in the Debug As selection. The only way it shows up in Eclipse for me is to change it to Manual as described above. –  skaz Jan 25 '11 at 2:04
+1 Once I ran it manually once, I could switch it back to Automatic and it would prefer the physical device over the emulator. –  shmeeps Oct 29 '11 at 0:19

HTC Hero (Android 2.1)
eclipse Helios (3.6)
Windows XP SP3

I got this working by doing the following

  1. Make sure that your project is set to debuggable in the manifest android:debuggable="true"
  2. On the Hero make sure that it is set for remote debugging
    Menu > Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging
    (next three steps I got from here)
  3. Install HTC Sync (3.0)
  4. Use USBDeview to remove device
  5. Plug in device
  6. Check device is added by running "C:\Program Files\android-sdk-windows\platform-tools\adb.exe devices" which said the server was out of date and automatically killed and restarted it and showed my device as connected.
  7. Also ran this to be safe "C:\Program Files\HTC\HTC Sync 3.0\adb.exe devices"
  8. Then in eclipse click the drop down menu on the debug tool bar item > Debug Configurations... delete all the existing configurations and close
  9. The next time you debug it finds the HTC Hero and runs debug on it
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A few tips that helped me get my Phone (Incredible 2) recognized:

  1. In Run Configurations, make sure target is set to Manual (otherwise might default to emulator)

  2. Install Phone drivers (from autoplay menu when plugged in), and HTC Sync. If 'Debugging Mode' isn't working, my phone will only be recognized by HTC sync and eclipse in 'Sync' mode.

  3. Check what version of the SDK you are running. My phone hasn't been updated to Android 4.0 yet, so I had to download a previous SDK version (2.1.3)

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I had a simular problem but i had to enable usb debugging on my actual physical phone and it updated the drivers on windows and now it works

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Your phone is not a virtual device. Just plug it in, make sure that USB debugging is enabled on the phone and run or debug your application.

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Even if you have installed the USB driver, there might be a lurking wrong USB registration with Windows. You can use USBDeview to check the registered drivers and remove all entries for your phone before plugging it in, then choose the driver from the SDK when asked.

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I had a similar problem — USB debugging enabled, no problems with drivers, yet device not detected. I was trying to run an imported project. I created a new Android Sample Project, and was able to run that on device. After that, the imported project also ran on device.

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