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I have a hash that I want to extract the values from, but when I try its empty.

When I display the variable with the hash this is what shows.

{"raspado"=>{"id"=>28520497, "name"=>"Raspado", "profileIconId"=>508, "summonerLevel"=>30, "revisionDate"=>1394570420000}}

When I debug the variable with the hash this is what I get.

  id: 28520497
  name: Raspado
  profileIconId: 508
  summonerLevel: 30
  revisionDate: 1394570420000

When I try to access a key via

debug @data[:id]

I get


what I'm I doing wrong?

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id is the key in the hash which is the value of key raspado of @data.

You should do:

debug @data['raspado']['id']
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so simple... I'm new to ruby/rails so I'm having a hard time with the whole symbol thing. Thanks –  linogomez Mar 13 at 3:21

If you have multiple keys like 'raspado in the hash', then you could get the values with the code below:

@data.each do |index, values|
  debug (values['x'])

ref: How do I get data from a hash?

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