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I recently created a MongoDB replica set but it is useless to me currently because I couldn't find ways to specify options in it.

My old code looks like this :

MongoOptions options = new MongoOptions();
options.autoConnectRetry = true;
options.connectionsPerHost = 10000;

mongo = new Mongo("", options);

I read the replica set documentation, but according to that only way to create a connector for replica set in Java is using MongoURI and is as follows

mongo = new Mongo(new MongoURI("mongodb://,,"));

This partially works because now I don't see any way to mention MongoOptions.

I couldn't find a workaround in the MongoURI or in Mongo to specify MongoOptions.

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Mongo class and MongoOptions is sort of deprecated now..

Use MongoClient and MongoClientOptions instead.

From the javadocs :

You can connect to a replica set using the Java driver by passing a ServerAddress list to the MongoClient constructor. For example:

 MongoClient mongoClient = new MongoClient(Arrays.asList(
   new ServerAddress("localhost", 27017),
   new ServerAddress("localhost", 27018),
   new ServerAddress("localhost", 27019)));
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An example with an array of seed members would be more complete. –  Neil Lunn Mar 13 at 5:47
@NeilLunn added. –  Ajay George Mar 13 at 5:49

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