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I know this is a basic and newbie question, but I haven't found a good resource for learning to read programming documentation, specifically ruby documentation and how the language works in general. I've done some online tutorials, and written some basic programs, but when it comes to learning how the language is structured, and works... I am a little lost. Does anyone know the best way to learn how the language fundamentals, and what the different parts of ruby are and how they work together?

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Thanks for the replies, they are both good and I'll definitely check it out! – Jarg Mar 13 '14 at 6:20
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The best way for me ever was reading a good book. I highly recommend this one, written by famous Flanagan and the author of the ruby language. This is a good place to start learning of the language fundamentals.

For viewing documentation when you already know approximately what you look for I use ri.

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