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I have an application which reads & writes the data into the NFC tag(Type 2). Some times while reading the tag i am getting the below error in LogCat.

03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889): NFC service dead - attempting to recover
03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889): android.os.DeadObjectException
03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889):   at android.os.BinderProxy.transact(Native Method)
03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889):   at android.nfc.INfcAdapter$Stub$Proxy.setForegroundDispatch(INfcAdapter.java:350)
03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889):   at android.nfc.NfcAdapter.disableForegroundDispatchInternal(NfcAdapter.java:1062)
03-13 12:26:12.946: E/NFC(18889):   at android.nfc.NfcAdapter.disableForegroundDispatch(NfcAdapter.java:1050)

Does any have any idea why is this happening. Is there any way to fix this.


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Seems to be a problem of the available power in your Android device: stackoverflow.com/questions/6432796/… –  pizzaani Mar 13 at 11:30

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