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I am trying to write a fairly simple installer using NSIS. I am completely new to installers in general, let alone NSIS so I apologize if this question is easy. It just needs to accomplish 3 things:

  1. Write some files to the correct directory in Program Files (x86) (I have that working)
  2. Generate a random string (15-20 chars long) and write that string to a file in the installation directory so that the program being installed can use it
  3. Present that same random string to the user when the application is finished installing in a way that is easy to copy and paste.

I found a plugin that can generate random strings here. I was able to get the plugin to compile but am having trouble getting it to actually work. How can I accomplish this? Thanks for any help.

PS: I am open to any other installation scripting methods that are available for free.

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Solved: NSIS Dialog Designer allowed me to design a dialog and showed me how to put it into the script successfully. Definitely Simplified the process.

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