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How do I display a view (new.html.slim) as a lightbox in rails? When the user clicks on sign-up, the lightbox should come up as a login form. I'm using colorbox rails, and the code gives me a blank lightbox (the code works for images)

= link_to "Sign Up", new_user_path, class: "btn-signup map-toggle", :data => { :colorbox => true }
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you should google for load colorbox content via ajax. –  jvnill Mar 13 at 8:00
jacklmoore.com/colorbox –  hernanvicente Mar 13 at 8:18

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def create
    respond_to do |format|
       format.html { render layout: !request.xhr? }

= link_to "Sign Up", new_user_path, class: "btn-signup map-toggle", :data => { :colorbox => true }, remote: true

I don't know about colorbox (we made our own light box with ajax support). If you'd like me to detail how we do this with our own setup, please comment & I'll post code!!

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Yes, please do share the code! Thanks! –  Radhika B Mar 13 at 12:36
The above code fixed it too! Thanks a lot! But I'm curious to know your code. –  Radhika B Mar 13 at 12:47
Okay let me post it for you! –  Rich Peck Mar 13 at 12:51

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