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I have godaddy shard hosting plan and install roundcube with password plugin with follwoing config:

// Password Plugin options
// -----------------------
// A driver to use for password change. Default: "sql".
// See README file for list of supported driver names.
$rcmail_config['password_driver'] = 'cpanel';

// Determine whether current password is required to change password.
// Default: false.
$rcmail_config['password_confirm_current'] = true;

// Require the new password to be a certain length.
// set to blank to allow passwords of any length
$rcmail_config['password_minimum_length'] = 8;

// Require the new password to contain a letter and punctuation character
// Change to false to remove this check.
$rcmail_config['password_require_nonalpha'] = false;

// Enables logging of password changes into logs/password
$rcmail_config['password_log'] = false;

// Comma-separated list of login exceptions for which password change
// will be not available (no Password tab in Settings)
$rcmail_config['password_login_exceptions'] = null;

// Array of hosts that support password changing. Default is NULL.
// Listed hosts will feature a Password option in Settings; others will not.
// Example:
//$rcmail_config['password_hosts'] = array('mail.example.com', 'mail2.example.org');
$rcmail_config['password_hosts'] = null;

and afet that I chang cpanel drive and cpanel cofig are as follwos:

// cPanel Driver options
// --------------------------
// The cPanel Host name
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_host'] = 'p3plcpnl0157.prod.phx3.secureserver.net';

// The cPanel admin username
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_username'] = '*******';

// The cPanel admin password
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_password'] = '***********';

// The cPanel port to use
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_port'] = 2083;

// Using ssl for cPanel connections?
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_ssl'] = true;

// The cPanel theme in use
$rcmail_config['password_cpanel_theme'] = 'bluehost';

after that when I try to chang my password it sohow new password not save.

Kindly Help


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