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First: well i'm tired of asking the same question, i do know that i can ask about Coding techniques, not just specific problematic points.

Background: my project is to make a Desktop Recorder, i tried WM Encoder it works but double click don't work at most cases "ex: can't open My Computer! i have to press Enter!", i made a search and it turned out that WM Encoder is the problem and it's matter of waiting a new version to solve this problem of double click.

Now: this is my previous questions relate to my problem

So: How to save list of images in one video using ffmpeg in step by step? i got this ffmpeg -f image2 -i foo-%03d.jpeg -r 12 -s WxH foo.avi but i have no idea how to use it in my project or where i m going to put this code.

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Maybe you could just call ffmpeg on the command line? I'm not really experienced and there are probably better ways but: stackoverflow.com/questions/206323/… –  Mathew Mar 13 at 10:09
that will be good for me, but for a user who only need a button to click will be a headache, about that link sound's good i will try it and i'll tell if it do what i expect. –  Maged E William Mar 13 at 10:29
Oh of course I didn't mean that the user has to execute (or even see) the command line. I was more talking about the way to actually call ffmpeg. 'Typical' windows users should never be confronted with a command line. ;) –  Mathew Mar 13 at 10:34
can you make this as answer so i can accept –  Maged E William Mar 13 at 11:38
Of course. I wasn't sure if this was an answer at all. That's why I posted it in a comment. Hold on a sec.. Edit: My answer is to trivial and gets converted into a comment. Just gimme an upvote on the comment. You can mark the question as answered yourself tomorrow I guess. –  Mathew Mar 13 at 12:06

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