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In my company we´ve installed the app GuiXT Liquid UI on Ipad mini to access to our SAP-Systems. The login works fine and we can open transactions (those which were delivered by SAP and also self-written), but as soon as we want to change variant, display a list or anything else, an Runtime Error occurs. While opening the same transactions with the “normal” gui on windows-pcs everything works. Following informations I get from the error message:

Runtime Errors         MESSAGE_TYPE_X

Error analysis
Short text of error message:
Control Frame Work : Error in data stream <DATAMANAGER><TABLES><DATACHAN
GES HANDLE="2"><IT I; current tag PROPERTY,

Long text of error message:
Technical information about the message:
Message class....... "CNDP"
Number.............. 008
Variable 2.......... "PROPERTY"
Variable 3.......... " "
Variable 4.......... " "

Information on where terminated
     Termination occurred in the ABAP program "CL_GUI_DATAMANAGER============CP" -
      in "TRACE_XML".
     The main program was "RAZUGA_ALV01 ".

 In the source code you have the termination point in line 2136
 of the (Include) program "CL_GUI_DATAMANAGER============CL".

source code extract

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