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Can i save login credentials or other key value in pay-pal.i want only one time pay-pal login in my application.

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Elaborate more in your question, no idea what do you want to achieve. If you do want to share tokens between apps (= your apps), you can use shared keychain. stackoverflow.com/questions/4115744/… –  Robert Vojta Mar 13 at 9:10
You want that once user login in your app than when ever he need to pay he don't have to give paypal detail. Am I right? –  CRDave Mar 13 at 9:46
yes @CRDave you are right. yes i want one time login into playpal account , and when ever he need to pay he don't to give paypal detail. –  jaydev Mar 13 at 10:03
@CRDave is there any way to achieve this scenario. –  jaydev Mar 13 at 10:05

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If you want to achieve this than you have two way:

  1. Use REST Paypal API : Save username and password of user in secure place and use appropriate API to make payment.

  2. Use Paypal-iOS-SDK (You should use this) : If you are going to use this option than you have good news that Paypal iOS SDK 2 is launched (which is used by UBER) which provide this feature under future payments option.

Read following document to understand this :

Implementation : To implement this you need to code on both side (Mobile and Server). Following link will guide you through this process.

I suggest you to read all document in this two place:

  1. PayPal Mobile SDKs
  2. PayPal iOS SDK

For some extra reading of Paypal mobile : Paypal Forward Mobile

I hope this will help in your work.

Note : If you want to implement this same thing with credit card (not Paypal account but use paypal to precess credit card) than visit : iOS Credit card recurring payment with paypal

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Thanks @CRDave i think it will helpful for me. –  jaydev Mar 13 at 10:54

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