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I have a simple form to recharge account. In this account i am reading the card number through bar code reader but this bar code reader calls the submit function immediately after putting the value in it. I want to stop bar code reader from calling the submit function because i have other fields to fill before submit. I want to know how can i stop bar code reader calling submit function j query.

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What barcode software are you using? What does your code look like? –  TrueBlueAussie Mar 13 at 9:31
it is honeywell barcode reader after connecting it its automatically install the driver cd. I have one simple drupal7 form element with two text box in which one accepts data through barcode reader. –  Ranjeet SIngh Mar 13 at 9:56

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    if (event.which == '10' || event.which == '13') {

I used this jquery to solve my problem to prevent it calling submit function

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I believe most barcode scanners are programmed out of the box to add a carriage return /line feed character at the end of a scan. The effect is basically like a user hitting enter. I would see what you could do with the keydown event. First output to see which character codes it adds to the end of the input. Then write a small conditional to preventDefault / stopPropagation when those codes are detected.

Depending on the scanner, it might be programmable as well.

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I solved this issue by using j query script to prevent it from calling submit function –  Ranjeet SIngh Mar 13 at 10:28
Glad I could help –  scottysmalls Mar 13 at 18:10

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