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I've got Meteor.js to talk with Leaflet.js to be able to display limited markers around the $near query of a "2dsphere" indexed Collection.

So I index my GeoJSON coordinates:


It all works until I am using the $near operator to show markers beyond -90 to 90 longitude.

Latitude is bounding to -85 to 85, but longitude stops at -90 to 90 not -180 to 180 as expected.

So this works fine:

Leaflet map setView() to show the part of the map I want to place $near curson on:

window.map = L.map('map').setView([10,50],11);

Then the Server $near cursor - this works just as expected:

Meteor.publish('locations', function() {

return Locations.find({'geometry.coordinates':{ $near :
                       { $geometry :
                           { type : "Point" ,
                             coordinates: [10,50] } },
                         $maxDistance : 10000


But as soon as I adjust the coordinates to


The leaflet map shows the location correctly, but the mongo $near throws an error:

$near requires a geojson point

Which is fair enough because that is an invalid point, but if I change it to:


Then the Leaflet map doesn't show the correct location and the $near operator doesn't work.

Why are the geoJSON longitude coordinate limited between -90 to 90 ? and how do I show and use the $near operator on a location :

   lat: -33 and long: 151 
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Solved it!

It had to do with a seemingly unrelated Leaflet.js way of adding a marker to the map.

So originally I used:

 var location=L.marker(mark.geometry.coordinates).addTo(window.map);

Changing this to:

 var location=L.geoJson(mark).addTo(window.map);

This meant that I could actually set the $near cursor to only show markers around my coordinates [-33,151]

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