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I'd like to be able to create some sort of auto scrolling feature in a ListBox I have, where new data is added periodically to the ListBox. Items populating the ListBox are held in an ObservableCollection, and are always added to the end of the collection. Is there a way to make the ListBox auto scroll to the bottom every time a new item is added to the ObservableCollection and the View is updated?

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you could use ScrollIntoView() method to achive this –  Pradeep Kesharwani Mar 13 at 9:57
Is this supported in Windows Phone 8? I do not see it listed at the bottom of this link msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/… –  Matthew Mar 13 at 14:00

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listBox1.SelectedIndex = listBox1.Items.Count - 1;
listBox1.SelectedIndex = -1;
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