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I installed MongoDB on Windows, Mac and Linux. I run MongoDB with all default arguments and I enter a command db.serverStatus().connections on mongo to check the available connections.

Here is my observation, Windows 7 has 19999, Mac has only 203 and Linux has 818. Therefore, I would like to ask what makes the number of available connections different and is it possible to increase the available connections?

Thank you.

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For UNIX-like systems (i.e. Linux and OS X), the connection limit is governed by ulimits. MongoDB will use 80% of the available file descriptors for connections, which is why you see 203 on Mac (~80% of 256) and 819 on Linux (~80% of 1024).

The MongoDB documentation includes recommended settings for production systems. Typically you wouldn't need to change this on development environments, but you will see a warning on startup if the connection limits are considered low.

In MongoDB 2.4 and earlier, there is a hard-coded maximum of 20,000 connections per server irrespective of the ulimits. This maximum has been removed as at MongoDB 2.6.

There is also a maxConns MongoDB configuration directive that can be used to limit the connections to something lower than what would be allowed by ulimits.

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