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I need to reproduce partly a behavior of StarTeam 2005 client's dialog box "Folder Properties" in my tool based on StarTeam 2005 SDK. Unfortunately, when I has tried to implement "working folder's changing" feature I has confronted with some trouble.

I has found read/write IStFolder object's properties DefaultPathFragment and AlternatePathFragment, but cann't to find any method/property what allows to switch between deafult/alternate paths' usage.

Also, named properties' changes always stores locally only, never stores on server, even after update() method usage (as opposite to, e.g., Name property's changes)

Can I to implement named functionality somehow?

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Where did you find the working folder's changing feature in the GUI? I can't find it anywhere in my copy of Starteam 2005. – Doug Porter Feb 18 '10 at 16:53

While working with the SDK, the "Alternate Path to Folder" is not kept in any way,
and once the session is closed (i.e.: your tool stops running) - that information is forgotten -
in other words: the Alternate Path to Folder is not persistent.

Note also that whatever "Alternate Path to Folder" you have set in your StarTeam Client,
this information will not be available to the StarTeam SDK session,
even if you run it on the same PC as the same user.

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