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I'm trying to do some streaming with the Twitter API but I can't handle the response. In fact, I don't know if it's because I'm not handling the response or if nothing is returned.

I first tried to check if it was because of my credentials, headers and so on but my app works fine with the REST API. I created my own connecting method based on oauth2.

When I'm doing this :

client = SocialNetwork.objects.get(name='Twitter').connect()

I got the expected answer (the JSON) and it works with all services from the REST API. However, I just have to change the url to :


and it's not working anymore. On my terminal, It's like it's waiting for some feedback (the pointer is blinking) and nothing happens. More surprising, when I try to raise some exception in order to know more about the problem with

except Exception as e:
    print('ERROR' : )

nothing is printed and the script exits (it's not waiting for a response as mentionned before).

I tried a lot of thing, red a lot of doc but everything is based on modules such as tweepy and I really can't use it because of the constraints of my project.

Does anyone knows in which direction should I search ? Thanks !

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