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Excuse me for my english, it's not really my strength.

I'm trying to communicate between PC(on W7) and Arduino Uno through Bluetooth with HC-05 module.

I can't communicate with Arduino on both ways, I can only send data from PC to Arduino but I can't receive data from Arduino to PC.

I follow this tutorial and read other tutorials to find a solution but without success.

I reach to do these steps : - connect wires - pair HC-05 with PC - send data to Arduino - led light On or light Off according to sent data

I fail in this step : - receive data from Arduino BT in terminal

Here is my Arduino Uno code :

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>

SoftwareSerial Mojo(10, 11);           // RX, TX
int ledpin=12;
int BluetoothData;

void setup() {
  Serial.begin(9600);                  // Init serial communication to verify data through serial monitor
  Serial.println("Hello serial!");     // Send init (I receive this)

  Mojo.begin(9600);                    // Init BT communication
  Mojo.println("Hello BT!");           // Send init (I do NOT receive this message)


void loop() {
   if (Mojo.available()){              // If BT available
     BluetoothData=Mojo.read();        // Read data sent from PC to Arduino through BT
     Serial.write(BluetoothData);      // Write in serial what I sent

     if(BluetoothData=='1'){                  // If sent data is 1
       digitalWrite(ledpin,1);                // Led On
       Mojo.write(" || Mojo led ON");         // Write me the led is On (I do NOT receive this message)
       Serial.write(" || Serial led ON");     // Write me the led is On

     if (BluetoothData=='0'){                 // If sent data is 
       digitalWrite(ledpin,0);                // Led Off
       Mojo.write(" || Mojo led OFF");        // Write me the led is Off (I do NOT receive this message)
       Serial.write(" || Serial led OFF");    // Write me the led is Off

I use Tera Term to open a serial connection (also tried with Putty, same result). I open a new connection with serial link on standard Bluetooth on COM5. I type 1 in the serial, the led is On but nothing is written. I type 0 in the serial, the led is Off but nothing is written.

The setup of the serial port is Port: COM5 Baud rate: 9600 Data: 8 bit Parity: none Stop: 1 bit Flow control: none Transmit delay: 0msec/char 0msec/line

I can't figure out why I cannot see the message from the BT in my serial connection like in the tutorial.

Does someone have a solution on that problem ?

To me, the problem comes from the serial communication terminal and not from BT but I can't solve it.

Thank you for your help.

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Delete the Bluetooth device from Windows then add it back again. It should create two COM ports and you should only use the first (lower numbered) port.

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The default baud rate of the hc-05 is probably not 9600. You'll have to use AT commands to change it or atleast find out what it is. So when you use Mojo.begin (or whatever name you decide to use), you'll actually be able to communicate. Here's how to use AT commands

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