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it is very hard to find good samples for f# in the web. some samples show a simple web crawler for downloading stock data from yahoo or only code snippets of bigger ideas.

i'm searching for an real world example outside the financial world. what about adventureworks? the current sample database is the base of many c# samples out there. why is there now f# sample?

i don't want a sample where f# makes a gui for a table of it! isn't there any f# ideal processing? i like a sample where i can see the power of f#. a sample which show's me why i should learn the language instead of simply using (more code) c#.

  • is there any sample for adventure works online?
  • are there any real world processes based on the sample database (functional programming)

best regards - michl

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To rephrase your question, "I have a problem (LOB apps) and I want an example of applying a specific solution (F#)". Perhaps the reason there aren't many of examples is that F# isn't the best fit for standard forms-over-data apps. C#/VB have been adding features to support that for years, while F#'s strengths are in algorithmic, data intensive, computationally expensive domains. If you search hard enough you'll find a good F# example, but I would suggest you have a specific reason in mind before using F# for any application. (And not just because it's the greatest language ever made ;) – Chris Smith Feb 10 '10 at 18:08
F# descends from a family of languages that are well suited for writing compilers (so a first real world example would be the F# compiler itself) and programs that work at the symbolic level. My bio contains a link to a program that is not written in F# but could very well have been (it's in OCaml instead). Inside this family of programs F# has the best integration with .NET, so probably that makes it additionally well suited to other problems, but I can't say much about that. – Pascal Cuoq Feb 10 '10 at 23:59

IntelliFactory have some nice samples for how you might build a web UI using F#, the examples are based on their WebSharper product. It's not free but if your serious about building a LOB app in F# then it's definitely worth looking at, as in my humble opinion, it's really good:

For the data side I'm told Entity Framework V2 works reasonable well for F#, and there's always my FunctionalNHibernate project which is in it's infancy but really quite cute:

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Have you seen this?

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yes, i know it. but i think 3DVisualiztion, ConcurrentLife and SolarSystem are not really problems in today's lob-applications. it's much more interesting for research. webcrawler and excel processing are better examples. but what would a process in advenuture works do, in order to need f# code for it? isn't it better to use something like sql report services instead of f# and excel? – Michael Piendl Feb 10 '10 at 16:53

I'm sorry but I know no AdventureWorks sample in F#, but this might interest you anyways: wcfstorm. It is a tool to test WCF services, written in F#.

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cool app, but i'm searching for a process in a standard lob app. until now i only found one good process for f# code: sql-statment generation from webservice-response. – Michael Piendl Feb 10 '10 at 16:02

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