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I'm a Laravel and PHP newbie. I'm trying to modify some code in a buggy package I'm using called Confide based on commits on github. I get an error message in Confide.php saying:

Access to undeclared static property: Zizaco\Confide\Confide::$rules 

From my research, it appears that the 'static' is replaced by 'Zizaco\Confide\Confide' in the source code. How can I make it reference the correct code? The relevant code is shown below:

public function resetPassword( $params )
    //$password = array_get($params, 'password', '');
    $this->password = array_get($params, 'password', '');
    $this->password_confirmation = array_get($params, 'password_confirmation', '');

    $passwordValidators = array(
        'password' => static::$rules['password'],
        'password_confirmation' => static::$rules['password_confirmation'],
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Is this resetPassword function in your model? Is the $rules a static property in your model? If yes to both, use self instead of static. Because the function is an instance method, if $rules is non-static, you should use $this instead. –  cillosis Mar 13 at 14:13

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