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I was wondering if anyone knows of a way I can Authenticate a Google Apps User in a Android Application?

One approach I know of is to take could take their username and password in a android view, and use the clientLogin interface (

However I was wondering if there was a different approach, maybe pushing to a browser window where it would show the google login for that domain, but I would not know how to get the details back to the application, after the authentication is done.

Any ideas on how it would be done?



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You could also try using OAuth. It's supported by Google Apps, and has a Java client library.

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Thanks for the answer... I guess I will give it a shot – Mark Ellul Feb 12 '10 at 16:26

I wrote up how to get a google auth token from android (works fine in any java really) so you can call app engine hosted web services as an authenticated google user:

hope this helps

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