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I'm developping a web application and i intend to use mouse and some keyboard shortcuts, and if possible, use modal keys (Ctrl / Shift / Alt).

I've noticed a lot a conflicts with modern browsers/OS. Here are some examples you may know:

  • Ctrl+S
  • Ctrl+F
  • Shift+R : refreshes the page on firefox
  • Alt+left click : moves a window on linux
  • Ctrl+J : opens the download tab in chrome

I can't find what shortcuts (with modal keys) i can use safely in my application. Is there a list somewhere of a rule to follow?

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You could have a look at this, which is a rather exhaustive list of used shortcuts.

However your question has already been asked here and here and it seems there is no such list.

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Try this:


My suggestion would to throw something unique in the shortcut for example:

Say you needed to bookmark something quickly, chromes is ctrl+D, instead i would do ctrl+shift+m or ctrl+alt+m

Even still you might run into duplicate shortcuts, but going with something unique will give you the best results.

Hope this helps.

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