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I have a problem with 404 error, when trying to share a link on website. After letting it through the debugger, facebook recognizes the link, and sharing works, but sometimes a warning still remains under the facebook comment plugin: Warning: http://…. is unavailable. For example, this link: http://igav.ee/pildid/miley-cyruse-tulevik.d?id=68224505. When trying to share, a random picture is added to the sharing window and 404 error appears http://cl.ly/image/3g431i472t2G There’s numbers of videos, pictures and other links going live every day on this site, and for some reasons some links can be shared and some links give 404 error. All the pictures and videos are added the same way and there seems to be no correlation between the broken links. Recently, we changed igav.ee site structure: both urls and html layout, so the problem appeared after that. Has anybody got some ideas?

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I think we've found the problem. In article preview the facebook comment block was taken in, so facebook came to check the article URL and got 404, it remembered and when the article was published, it showd 404 error. Now the facebook widgets are banned from preview, it checks the URL after publish and gets the URL correctly. –  miQ Mar 20 at 11:18

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