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Is there (an easy) way to create multiple forms for one model in activeadmin?

like proxy models in django

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Did you try this? Same way as creating an Index page. stackoverflow.com/questions/16546502/… –  James Mar 31 at 3:06

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One solution is to include ActiveModel::ModelIn your modelas discussed here.

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where do i write these models? in app/models? –  Javkhlan Shirendev Mar 13 at 12:14
Yes! That is correct! In fact, you can include ActiveModel::Model in your any Ruby class –  user3387580 Mar 13 at 12:28
it seems that it might work, but i am kinda stuck in adding custom action views in actionadmin. anyway thank you for your answer, i looked at that question (which is in the link yu gave me) before, didn't think it might work for me back then. –  Javkhlan Shirendev Mar 14 at 3:45

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