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After updating my Xcode IDE to 5.1, I started to get some weird warnings from 3rd party libraries (Facebook-iOS SDK, RestKit etc.) in my application when compiling.

@property (copy, nonatomic, readwrite) NSString *methodName;

No 'assign', 'retain' or 'copy' attribute is specified - 'assign' is assumed.
Default property 'assign' is not appropriate for non-GC object.

enter image description here How can I suppress those kind of warnings in Xcode?


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Suppressing warnings is always the wrong approach. You need to find out what is actually happening here. The warning looks wrong, but there may be a reason for it. And if the compiler thinks this is an "assign" property, whether right or wrong, then your code will run into trouble. I'd check the original @interface for FBSessionAppSwitchingLoginStrategy, maybe methodName is mentioned there but in a different way. – gnasher729 Mar 13 '14 at 11:53
It is the 3rd party library that gives me the warning. I don't think changing the code to remove the warning is a good approach. Because next 'pod install' call will clear all the fixes up. – ozgur Mar 13 '14 at 11:57

The problem with the Facebook SDK is that the property is already defined in a parent class but with different attributes.

To solve the issue, try changing the parent definition in FBSessionLoginStrategy.h:53 to:

@property (copy, nonatomic, readonly) NSString *methodName;

That should solve your compile error.

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