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Note: I found this "Creating a Word Doc in C#.NET", but that is not what I want.

Do you know how to create a .odt to create file from C# .NET?
Is there a .NET component or wrapper for an OpenOffice.org library to do this?


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Have a look at AODL (see http://odftoolkit.org/projects/odftoolkit/pages/AODL).

  • fully managed .NET 1.1 (so it runs on MS.Net and Mono)
  • support for text and spreadsheet documents
  • create, read, edit, save documents
  • ...
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The official version of AODL for .NET is not available anymore. But there a some forks you can still use. The best forks I found (with addional fixes of the authors) are aodl-reloaded and aodl. But I know there are still some issues using current versions of OpenOffice/LibreOffice. –  Alex Jan 21 at 8:09
@bmotmans your link is broken –  Ganesh_Devlekar Feb 4 at 8:26

You might be interested in OpenOffice, UNO CLI Language Binding.

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You can check out the OASIS Standards site for information on the ODT standard. From what I've seen, they're using an XML based standard and have an XSD available for the the document standard, so you could use that in conjunction with your own code to build a document file in the proper format.

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I found this one yesterday when looking for a way to create Spreadsheeets, it looks like creating writer files is quite similar: http://www.suite101.com/content/creating-an-openoffice-calc-document-with-c-a124112, dont forget to install the Open Office SDK from Oracle first.

Unfortunately I have not found a way to create a file without opening it yet.

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The code would look like this:

private XComponentContext oStrap = uno.util.Bootstrap.bootstrap();
XMultiServiceFactory oServMan = (XmultiServiceFactory) oStrap.getServiceManager();
XComponentLoader oDesk = (XComponentLoader) oServMan.createInstance("com.sun.star.frame.Desktop");
string url = @"private:factory/swriter";
PropertyValue[] propVals = new PropertyValue[0];
XComponent oDoc = oDesk.loadComponentFromURL(url, "_blank", 0, propVals);
string docText = "File Content\n\r";
string fileName = @"C:\FolderName\FileName.odt";
fileName = "file:///" + fileName.Replace(@"\", "/");
((XStorable)oDoc).storeAsURL(fileName, propVals);
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