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.fancybox-inner {
overflow: hidden;
cursor: //url to an independent cursor image

But what if my cursors (3) are all together in one css sprite image, how I can reference background-position, width, height values of the cursor property.

something like

cursor .fancybox-inner OR .fancybox-inner:hover cursor{
background: url(../img/cursors.png) no-repeat;
background-position: -32px 0;
width: 16px;
height: 16px;
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I think it's not possible to use sprites as a cursor image, not quite sure tho. Good question! –  DanFromGermany Mar 13 '14 at 11:52
I thought so, Im just curious ..couldn't find anything on google.. –  Awena Mar 13 '14 at 11:54
There is only one way to make your cursor a sprite that I can think of... cursors-4u.com/cursor/2012/02/09/sprite-13.html –  SW4 Mar 13 '14 at 11:57
cursor is not an DOM/HTML object and so you cannot style it with CSS. –  Paulie_D Mar 13 '14 at 12:23

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Although the cursor property allows for x and y values, they are not used for background position, but rather for the coordinates of the cursor's hotspot

This is the syntax for the cursor property: (see mozilla)

cursor:  [<uri> [<x> <y>]?,]* keyword

For example:

.foo  {
    cursor:  auto;
    cursor:  url(cursor1.png) 4 12, auto;

The example will set the hotspot to be the pixel at (4,12) from the top left (0,0).

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