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In Middleman, how can I know if a local variable exists? Local as a yaml variable. (Follow this link to know more)

For instance I can have:

    {some text}
    {some text}

normally I would access it by data.file_name.row.first but what if I want to know if it exists?

data.file_name.row.first.nil? gives an error if does not exist...

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What error does it give? If you're getting a NoMethodError, try this:

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It's odd. It seems to work most of the times. but in this scenario where I have markdown inside :first it gives me an error when trying a nod inside it. The error is undefined method image_url if I try data.file_name.row.first.try(:image_url) –  tostasqb Mar 14 '14 at 10:30

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