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I'm looking for a tool that can allow me to manage my database objects version control !
The development team is not quite using the right manner to work, so i want a system in that will force then to follow the correct way to work like go throw all development layers
Any ideas ?

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Neither version control system can not provide 'the right manner to work'. You can simply write design/formatting and objects naming rules and force team to follow it. –  Alexey Semidotsky Mar 13 at 13:26
yes, i am doing this right now - but is so frustrating i fell like a kindergarten teacher kkkkk - they just wanna do the thing with to rollback or any control! –  Up_One Mar 13 at 13:28

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No tool will "force" such a thing.

Scott Ambler has written a great deal about being agile with databases. Maybe he can give you some ideas.

The first time I ever heard of such things was from Martin Fowler.

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