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I have tried a lot but I was unable to use Pwinty api for my ios app. I tried Pwinty sample ios app but it was also not working. Please Help me Pwinty api is not returning the order id which have created with the post method.

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Is this still a problem for you? If so, can you provide more details of what you've tried, i.e. your POST request, and whatever Pwinty response that your are getting. If you can provide that, I'll do my best to answer, as I've been muddling through it myself over the last couple of days. –  Josh Heald Jun 6 at 6:32
@JoshHeald Thanks But I have resolved this issue. It was Pwinty issue now Pwinty has updated to version 2.1 and working perfectly for me. I have integrated it in my app you can see its working from the follwoing app simply go to settings -> Pwinty in the app itunes.apple.com/us/app/photify-free-photo-editor/… –  Ahmad dar Jun 7 at 8:33

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